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Support Candy Simmons & collaborators in creating socially-aware and thought-provoking theatrical works across Minnesota and beyond!


Candy Simmons and collaborators endeavor to use live performance as a way to directly connect with our community, encouraging all participants to view themselves and the world around them a bit more clearly. Creating works that are highly tourable is at the heart of this mission. SunsetGun seeks not to be bound by theatrical genre or past successes but by an intense need to engage in a meaningful dialogue with you.


I’m so glad you asked! With your generous support my creative team and I produced multi-disciplinary, one-woman play BLUEPRINT in Minneapolis on November 2015. Thank you for helping make that happen!  We'll continue to seek out touring opportunities for that piece, in the meantime we have two other exciting projects that are currently in the research and development phase.  

  • INVISIBLE WOMEN (working title). Candy will join D.J. Mendel as a collaborator in a new theatrical duet, directed by D.J. Mendel. The text of this piece will be created using letters exchanged between D.J. Mendel and his sister while she was incarcerated at a State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania – juxtaposed with “found” texts from social media sites, as well as collected posts from comment sections of electronic bulletin board websites. The goal is that through accumulation (and form) these bits of information begin to paint a portrait/a collage of young women struggling with single parenthood, addiction, crime and poverty – and the impact these circumstances has on them, their families and society at large.  Funds raised will support Candy's participation in this collaboration and will also assist in defraying expenses associated with ongoing storytelling workshops being offered at a Minneapolis-based transitional housing facility for women in crisis. Project to premiere Fall 2017 at Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis.
  • THE ELVIS PROJECT (working title).  A one-woman theater/performance work that includes storytelling, music, video and static trapeze choreography. Through a spectacle-filled final performance, ELVIS tells the story of a woman’s rise to fame as a trapeze-flying, Elvis tribute artist. Examining themes of personal and pop-cultural legacy, the conflict between self-actualization and expectation of traditional gender norms, and the struggle of rising above socioeconomic boundaries, ELVIS will offer a space for us to reflect on the beauty and complications that come with a personal vs. public life dichotomy. ELVIS will premiere in Minneapolis, Minnesota in April 2018 (venue TBD). 

We’re excited. We’re ready. We need your help to continue using the power of story to change hearts and minds. 


There are several levels of sponsorship available, help us obtain an hour of rehearsal space for $15 or become an Executive Producer at the $2,500 mark.  No matter your level of involvement know that your gift is moving SunsetGun that much closer to realizing our artistic vision, all while enjoying the benefits of making a fully tax-deductible donation and that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with helping to keep the arts vibrant in your community.  Through our relationship with Springboard for the Arts we are also eligible to accept any matching donations your employer may offer, so keep us in mind for those opportunities as well!

Suggested Levels of Sponsorship:

** Core Supporter:  $1-249

** Associate Producer:  $250 - 999

** Producer:  $1000 – 2,499

** Executive Producer:  $2,500


For more info on past projects and to track progress on these new projects take a look-see over at: .

Finally, if you have any questions, thoughts, concerns, brilliant ideas (we love those) we’d be pleased as punch to hear from you:  [email protected]  

Thanks y’all!

Candy Simmons

SunsetGun Productions

SunsetGun Productions is a sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts, a nonprofit arts service organization. Contributions on behalf of SunsetGun may be made payable to Springboard for the Arts and are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. 

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