Rosalie's Rescue
Fundraiser for Second Chance Animal Rescue

Rosalie's Rescue Karen is raising money for Second Chance Animal Rescue.

This fundraiser is dedicated to my mom's memory and her love of animals.

One of the ways to keep someone's memory alive is to honor their passion.  My mom loved animals; especially dogs.  She and my dad received the gift of "Blue," a labrador/Blue Heeler mix from Second Chance Animal Rescue. He was a great companion to them.   I also fostered several dogs through Second Chance Animal Rescue.  This organization places animals in foster homes so foster families can learn about them and teach them what love is before adopting them to families. My mom never said "no" to all the dogs I rescued as a child. I truly don't know how my heart would have survived if she (and dad) didn't honor and allow that compassion.   

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