Nobles County Historical Society
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Nobles County Historical Society Patrick is raising money for Southwest Initiative Foundation.

The Nobles County Historical Society Endowment Fund

Dedicated to collecting, preserving and interpreting the history of Nobles County Minnesota

The Nobles County Historical Society (NCHS) was the outgrowth of an Old Settlers Picnic held in Chautauqua Pavilion on September 10, 1933. Plans were soon underway to preserve and display articles and papers of historic interest and value. Space was granted in the courthouse to store and display a few small artifacts. Others were stored in various places throughout the county awaiting a permanent location. The collection of artifacts was moved around from various locations until 1962 when a museum was established in the lower level of the Nobles County Library. The reference room and museum is located in the lower level of the library located at 4th Ave and 12 Street. The Society has a large collection of artifacts which it holds in trust for the citizens of Nobles County.

In 1958, the NCHS purchased a schoolhouse that had been closed since 1944. The building was first moved to the County Fairgrounds where it became an attraction during county fair time. It was generally closed at other times. Eventually a decision was made to make other arrangements for the showing of the schoolhouse. In 1968, the Society felt the school was only a part of the history of the county, and that other buildings could be acquired to further show evidence of our historical past. Two and one-half acres were purchased and the schoolhouse became the first building in the Pioneer Village. There are now forty-nine buildings on the grounds, of which thirty-six are available for viewing.

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