Mad King Thomas 2014
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Mad King raising money for Springboard for the Arts

Mad King Thomas is the choreographic collaboration of Tara King, Theresa Madaus & Monica Thomas

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Shakespearean Scholars! Dance Enthusiasts! Mad King Thomas Enthusiasts!
If you are here, you probably already have a great excuse to donate to Mad King Thomas. (Who needs an excuse anyway? Everyone wants to support Pure Unadulterated Awesomeness!)
But if you need an extra reason to cite to your tax professional, look no further:
2015 marks Mad King Thomas' 10th Birthday!

To celebrate, we are throwing a 10th Anniversary Show in the summer of 2015.
50% retrospective, 50% reimagining, 100% nostalgic delight. YOU can help support this show with your enthusiasm, excitement, and money!

Part of the show, entitled "Man King Thomas" will re-envision old MKT works with (you guessed it) various men in the roles of Tara, Theresa and Monica. In a review, Ben McGinley once wrote :“...they are their work. You couldn't set a MKT piece on any three other women and have it work the way it should.” So of course, being the contrary force that we are, we thought, "Sure. What if we set it on men?" Given our long-standing explorations into gender and identity, it's a natural progression.

The other part of the show will involve new Mad King Thomas-inspired works by 3 of our favorite choreographers, women whose mentorship we have found invaluable: Hijack, Judith Howard, and Emily Johnson. Swoon swoon swoon.

We are pleased to announce that this enormous undertaking has already received $10,000 of support from an MRAC Arts Activities Grant. One of the stipulations of this grant is that we need to raise matching funds- $1 for every $2 the State has granted us. Our minimum goal to achieve this is $5000, though our budget requires $7625 to balance, so anything you give will help keep us from resorting to supplemental jobs as exotic dancers on the weekends. Or pan-handling in the suburbs.

As always, your support is EXUBERANTLY APPRECIATED! We heart you with our sparkling messy love, and we hope that you'll not only support this show with your dollar bills, but also come enjoy the spectacle when it's done!

Mad King Thomas is fiscally sponsored by Springboard for the Arts. You can sign up for our mailing list and  peruse more about Mad King Thomas at Or like us on facebook:

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