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Loudmouth Collective
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Loudmouth Collective Natalie is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

Loudmouth Collective (Minneapolis, MN) tackles challenging solo performance and creates engaging small-ensemble theatrical events.

Now in its fifth season, Loudmouth Collective has a reputation for tackling challenging solo performance and creating engaging small-ensemble theatrical events.  

While we create small theatre, we have big goals for our future.  In years past, we have devoted nearly 100% of all the money we’ve raised to paying our artists and improving the quality of their creative process while working with Loudmouth.  This year, we want to turn our attention to the experience of our audience members and increased dialogue between our artists and our audience.

For The Testament of Mary, we are committed to engaging audience members at every step of our creative process.  First, we want to create exclusive behind-the-scenes videos that give fans of Loudmouth a peek into our process and the artistic intentions behind our production.  Next, we will create an audience resource guide that will provide story insight, historical context, and past production information.  Lastly, we want to invite audience members and artists alike to two post-show discussions to unpack this powerful play with two experts in fields connected to the themes and history of the play alongside the cast and creative team.

In order to add these crucial engagement pieces to our audience experience before, during and after the performance, we need your help to raise $5000.  That money will go toward hiring talent to film, edit, and distribute the behind-the-scenes videos, create and print audience resource guides, and providing honorariums for experts and moderators during the post-show discussion.  With your financial support we can make this goal a reality.

Loudmouth Collective's Mission:

Loudmouth Collective is an artist-centric company, bringing solo & small ensemble shows to audiences eager for unfiltered, succinct, & ballsy performances.

Loudmouth Collective's Values:

We create community.
We have fun. 
We're small. 
We want to share a drink.
We love language. 
We don't waste your time. 
We're sick of apathy.
Above all else, we tell stories that ought to be told.

Our Next Project:

The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín
April 21-30, 2017
Open Eye Figure Theatre

Years after her son’s death, Mary, mother of Jesus, is visited by the Gospel writers seeking the truth. In an honest, insightful, and moving first-person narrative, Mary recounts her son’s final days. The Testament of Mary provides a stunning glimpse into the heart and mind of a grieving mother as she’s left with the question: was it worth it?

Mary: Adlyn Carreras

Director: Jessica Rose McVay

With your Give to the Max Day pledge will directly support the employment of these artists, and all the other well-known and local artists we have the pleasure of working with.

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