Little Lifeboats
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Little Lifeboats erin is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

Little Lifeboats: A fiscally sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts

Little Lifeboats believes in art that is as diverse as the community it serves. We strive to utilize unrepresented and disenfranchised voices on stage and behind the scenes. Through engaging storytelling, meaningful dialogue, and direct action, Little Lifeboats trusts that rising tide lifts all boats.

We're looking to raise funds for our annual TEASE - The Easy Access Script Experience.  We bring together local playwrights and new plays together with actors and directors.  The shows are presented to local theatre companies to help build connections, provide our artists a platform to highlight their work and give them a chance to experiment.

Since 2013  we've brought the Twin Cities:  TEASE, Parhelion, Raise Your Voice Suzanne Cross: That F--king Harriet Tubman Play, Monologue Madness, Trippingly on The Tongue, Confessions of a Butter Princess, I Never Eat December Snowflakes, and Sing To Me Now.  We've performed in found spaces such as a warehouse and Sisyphus Brewing, The Bryant Lake Bowl, Crane LGM Studio, The Phoenix theatre and the Minnesota Fringe.

All of our programming has been underwritten by individual donors like you.  Help us continue this legacy of grassroots art by making a gift today.


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