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Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Ladyslipper Ensemble Ladyslipper Ensemble is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

Ladyslipper Ensemble breaks barriers between listeners and performers and challenges the audience to explore innovative programming.

Please make a gift to Ladyslipper Ensemble TODAY!

(We are a fiscally sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts.)

Dear Friends,

We would like to extend special gratitude to you for becoming contributors to Ladyslipper Ensemble. Your generous gifts make it possible for us to fulfill our seasons. 

In 2017 we were awarded a grant from Metropolitan Regional Arts Council to present an all Spanish/Latin program, including a commission form Twin Cities composer David Evan Thomas. We can't wait to share this exquisite music with you. Please visit our website to learn more about this season.


We are a group of friends, who share a deep passion for the same repertoire and came together to make music. We are dedicated to uncovering lost works and bringing more live music to the community. By offering innovative repertoire and engaging music lovers in discussions, Ladyslipper Ensemble presents programs whose themes are soulful, beautiful and accessible.

Some of our testimonials:

"Fresh Baroque: Once upon a time baroque music meant Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and little else. No longer — the excavation of the period continues, throwing reams of previously unfamiliar music into the laps of curious concertgoers. The St. Paul-based Ladyslipper Ensemble is a specialist in this area."

"A most delightful concert." 

"Your musical offering this morning was simply a thing of beauty!!!  Your presence exudes warmth, confidence  and passion. And I felt privileged to be in your energy field! Thank you for sharing!"

“I thought your AAUW performance was one of the nicest of all-time. The pieces you chose were so pleasing to everyone. All of you are so charming and delightful. You have found a real 'home'', with people clamoring for return engagements.”

"The concert was the highlight of our Christmas season. May it become a tradition"

Thank you for believing in Ladyslipper Ensemble. We are committed to bringing the highest level of music making to the community and uplifting the spirits of our listeners. Won't you join us on a journey to uncover and share our music with you?

YOU can help make this possible by contributing to Ladyslipper Ensemble's mission. We hope you will consider making a donation to this unique ensemble today. However, we would like you to know that the best way to show us your support is by going to our concerts!

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Thank you!

Ladyslipper Ensemble

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