Hot Birthday!

Hot Birthday! Heather is raising money for CHICAGO AVENUE FIRE ARTS CENTER.

It's my birthday this week and it's a biggy. I'm a very lucky lady and I want for nothing but to share my greatest passion. I'm thrilled that this past decade has seen the birth of a dream. The Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center is everything we'd hoped it would be and so much more and a huge part of us getting there has been the help of all of you lovely people who must have thought we were crazy, but supported us anyway. We've had our doors open now for two and a half years, and we've grown through the generosity and blood, sweat and tears of countless amazing volunteers. We constantly strive to provide new and amazing creative sparky resources to people, but this programming is expensive to offer. It's so important to me that this resource be available to everybody, no matter what they can afford. If you've got a couple of dollars to spare I'd be thrilled if you threw it in my fiery birthday pot so that we can continue to share this creative spark.

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