Give to the Max 2014

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PUSH- Greatness, Passion, Positivity and Perseverance

In this day and age individuals both young and old are getting lost in the daily life situations they are faced with. At Wellspring Second Chance Center, our mission is to visualize the ideals that every individual deserves a second chance in their lifetime.  We teach the importance to our youth that intellect, integrity, courage, respect, passion and making positive decisions, are true building blocks to prepare for a better future in life.

So on this day dubbed “Give to the Max 2014”  November 13th 2014, we encourage you to give to our foundation so that we may continue to guide all of our program participants to, “PUSH” themselves, to be Great, to be Passionate, Positive and to Persevere no matter your situation, every individual deserves a second chance.

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Here is a short list of the programs and descriptions we offer at Wellspring Second Chance Center. You may also visit our website at   .


This program has was designed with one purpose in mind: that is to provide young boys / girls with a foundation that will assist them in developing a skill set to becoming young productive men /women. 

RGSEA ( Recovery Group for Sexual Exploitation / Abuse )

This is an all Girls Group who may or may not been involved in criminal behavior, as a result of their victimization.


Positively Engaging Youth / Adults who need a fresh start. We are committed to Creating Success Stories for those in our communities. We will be Creating Business Opportunity and setting the stage for the future. Those in the program will learn how to Reach Back to their Communities and give hope. We will serve 45 youth and / or adults through this program.


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