Sponsor a Petland Protest and Dismantle Puppy and Kitten Mills
Fundraiser for Animal Rights Coalition, Inc.

Sponsor a Petland Protest and Dismantle Puppy and Kitten Mills Heidi is raising money for Animal Rights Coalition, Inc..

Help ARC persuade the Petland retail chain to stop supporting puppy and kitten mills and stop selling live animals in their stores.

You already know that the annual killing of 5 million animals in shelters every year is unacceptable. You adopt homeless animals and encourage others to do the same. You support spay and neuter initiatives and strong laws for animal cruelty. You're against puppy and kitten mills and would never buy an animal from a pet store. 

But there are thousands of people in our communities who don't know what you know about this issue. Yet.

Our campaign, called Minnesotans Exposing Petland, addresses these issues in a targeted and specific way, and we're part of a larger national effort that is having positive effects across the nation.  Check out these statistics:

# of U.S. Petland stores open in 2008:   140

# of U.S. Petland stores open in 2009:   130

# of U.S. Petland stores open in 2010:     95

# of U.S. Petland stores open today:        69

Petland Canada has changed their business model so that they now work with local rescue groups to help place homeless animals rather than support the breeding of animals to sell for profit.  That's exactly what we want to see in the United States.

We have been holding protests for the past two years in Minnesota and will continue to do so until we see results.  But we need your support.

Having larger numbers of protesters is always wonderful, but even one person protesting can make a difference, as ARC volunteer Stan P. proved during a recent solo Petland protest.  A family went to Petland with the intention of buying a puppy, but when they saw Stan holding a sign asking people to boycott Petland they asked some questions.  The family left without a puppy that day and Stan is certain they will be adopting rather than buying now.

One lucky dog even found her forever family at a Petland protest!  Her foster parents brought her to a protest and a family fell in love with her there, applied to adopt her, and now she's living the good life with some amazing animal lovers.

Help us maintain a presence at these stores so we can continue to educate the public and keep the pressure on Petland to stop contributing to the annual kill rate and homeless animal epidemic we have in this country.

Sponsor a protest today.  Let's team up and make this year the best one yet for this campaign.  You can even sponsor a protest in honor or in memory of someone, and we'll be sure to give them a shout out on our Facebook page which has over 800 followers.  Check it out at Minnesotans Exposing Petland today.

Thanks for your support!

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