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Fundraiser for Open Access Connections

Debra's Walk Page Debra is raising money for Open Access Connections.

Sponsor me and help homeless and low-income Minnesotans stay connected!

For the last several years I have served as a board member for Open Access Connections.  We provide free voice mail to more than 2,800 homeless and low-income Minnesotans who lack phone access. We also facilitate Generation 50+ meetings so older homeless people have a forum to solve issues affecting their community. We coordinate an innovative peer led outreach team that helps those who need our voice mail services access them, and that conducts a non-partisan voter engagement campaign. And now, we offer free cellphones to those in need! This is an exciting new direction for us and a much needed service.

I can personally attest that a donation to Open Access Connections will result in a deep and meaningful impact for thousands of  homeless and low-income Minnesotans. My wish for you is that you too can be a part of this important and life changing effort. Each year we hold a picnic and fundraising walk to raise money to support this important work. I would like to personally invite you to both attend this picnic on September 16th from 11:30 to 2:30 as well as to contribute financially by sponsoring me for the walk. We have a beautiful event each fall at the lovely Minnehaha Park, Wabun Picnic Shelter B. Good food, fun music, great people, and a little bit of exercise! And to be sure, you can support me financially without coming to the walk! So please feel free to give generously.

THANK YOU for your love and support and for considering making a donation today.

Also, thanks to a generous donation from the Frey Family Foundation, all new donations and returning donations that are increased by 10% will be matched dollar for dollar!

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