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30 years of helping more students and schools succeed

Established in 1988, the Center for School Change works with educators, parents, business people, students, policy-makers and other concerned people throughout the United States to:

  • Increase student achievement.
  • Raise high school and post-secondary graduation rates.
  • Improve student attitudes toward learning, their schools, and being positive, active, contributing members of their community.
  • Strengthen communities through building stronger working relationships among educators, parents, students and other community members.

Individual, government, foundation and corporate funders have give CSC money because of demonstrated success.  

Here are some recent examples of CSC's work:

CSC has helped Minnesota families save millions of dollars in college costs.  Since 1985, CSC staff helped convince legislators to approve, retain and expand Post Secondary Enrollment Options and other forms of dual high school college credit programs.  We helped lead a coalition in 2015 that convinced legislators to add $4.6 million in support for College in the Schools/Concurrent enrollment courses offered in high schools and to require that schools provide up to date information about PSEO to families. 
In 2016, CSC studied whether school districts and charters were following the state law to provide up to date information about PSEO. We found more than 90% were not, and worked with the Minnesota Dept of Education to significantly increase information that is available. A followup study found that 90% of districts now ARE providing up to date information. In 2017 we helped lead the coalition that convinced legislators to require that school districts provide space and computers to students taking PSEO online courses.

CSC helped Cincinnati Public Schools increase H.S. graduation rates and eliminate the graduation gap between white & black students.

CSC helped produce triple digit gains in the enrollment of high school students in college level (dual credit) courses at 6 St. Paul public high schools.  We did this in part by helping each school to develop new college-level course offerings, and by working with faculty and leaders to develop a stronger "college-going" culture. .  4 of the 6 high schools serve students commonly labeled as 'alternative.' We have continued to encourage collaboration by now working with district schools in two suburbs and charter and alternative schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Interviews with a couple of these students are on our website:

CSC helped produce major increases in family involvement and reading achievement in MN district & charter public schools.
CSC helped convene a meeting that brought together MN educators and experts on Historically Black and Tribal Colleges and Universities.  We spent a rich day discussing and pledging action around what MN K-12 education might learn from the successful strategies that HBCUs and TCUs employ.  Star Tribune editorial on the conference:

CSC has published four editions of student-written essays on their Dual Credit experiences in our Jump Start Booklet.  They are distributed through public libraries, schools, and community organizations.

CSC has worked with schools and community organizations to create student-produced music videos on the value of Dual Credit in district and charter schools. There are now a total of 18 short videos in 7 different languages: English, Spanish, Hmong, Arabic, Somali, Karen, and Dakota.  Available on our website and as DVDs.

We are a division of EdVisions, which serves as our fiscal agent.  All contributions are tax deductible.
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If you prefer to send in your donation by U.S. Mail, please make your check payable to Center for School Change and mail to:

Center for School Change
c/o EdVisions Inc.
1667 Snelling Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55108

Questions: Please call CSC at 612 309-6571

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