Carlyle Brown & Company
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Carlyle Brown & Company Carlyle is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

Carlyle Brown & Company needs your help to grow and make theatre that matters.

We know it's not sexy like actors, props and costumes, but we are seeking funds to upgrade our administrative infrastructure to support the thoughtful, provocative works of theater that you have come to know us for with works such as Fula from America, Are you now or have you ever been…and Abe Lincoln and Uncle Tom in the White House.

We are in need of a dedicated computer, software including Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, Q-Lab and a database to keep us abreast and in touch with you our most important collaborators.  2016 promises to be an exciting year with new work on the horizon.  We will be bringing back Acting Black, exploring the roots of American racism as a pattern and pathology.  We are working on Down in Mississippi, the story of three civil rights workers engaged in a voter registration drive with Black sharecroppers in the dangerous world of Mississippi in 1964.  And we are producing Finding Fish, a futuristic, cautionary tale about the state of the world’s oceans as seen through the lens of one family’s struggles on the coast of Maine.

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