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Augsburg Central Health Commons - 25 year anniversary event - Help Us Accessorize Our New Space!
Fundraiser for Augsburg University

Augsburg Central Health Commons - 25 year anniversary event - Help Us Accessorize Our New Space! Augsburg Central is raising money for Augsburg University.

Dr. Joyce Miller will donate us $500 towards a new chair if we can raise $500 first! Help us get our new chair!!

Who we are

The Augsburg Central Health Commons is a free, drop-in health center dedicated to serving people in need, with a focus on hospitality for over 25 years! We offer basic health services as part of the Restoration Center at Central Lutheran Church, which is a community center for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Minneapolis. Health concerns of people who visit might include nutrition, medication, stress management, respiratory conditions, injuries, skin problems and chronic disease such as diabetes and hypertension. 

We believe in building lasting relationships with those in need so that we can collaborate together for a healthier community. Our focus is on creating a welcoming, safe space and as part of this, we provide simple necessities for health. The basic supplies we purchase or receive through donations contribute to a supportive environment for community members to access health care professionals and for nursing students to learn about the lives of people that they might not get to know in a typical clinical setting.

Central Lutheran Church is remodeling this year!  Everything but the sanctuary is being torn down and rebuilt.  The Health Commons is currently located in a temporary trailer in the parking lot of the church until construction is complete. The Health Commons will have a space in the new church building that is the Health Commons during the week and the Sunday School room on the weekends.  The new space is projected to be completed in August of 2018. 

Student Involvement

Our nursing practice is embedded in social justice praxis and transcultural nursing principles.  Our mission is to intentionally seek to honor the dignity of all our participants and focus on reducing stereotypes in our healthcare system.  Health disparities affect our local and global communities in deep ways embedded in historical context and social norms that need to be dismantled to focus on creating a more healthy, and peaceful world. Nursing faculty members and students from Augsburg College lead, organize and participate at the Augsburg Central Health Commons in hopes to create changes in our healthcare system to honor the wisdom of all people as they seek to reduce bias, increase compassion based care, and discover what it means to be a citizen nurse. 

Testimonials and Stories 2016

Working at Health Commons has been very rewarding because it strengthens the love I have for caring. It is a powerful way of getting to know people and build good relationships. My experiences at Health Common have shown me that human beings are interdependent on one another. We appreciate  and draw strength from each other. I have gotten to know this neighborhood more than I would have ever. 

To me helping at health commons is very fulfilling. The population we work with at Health Commons  remind me of my Igbo men and women from Nigeria. Many of them have told me that they love it when we come to help them. They are so loving and appreciative of our services.
Majorities of the elderly men and women we see at Health Commons do not work outside their homes. Sometimes they feel isolated or confined in an institution they have no control over.  I  have observed that many of them use this Fridayevening as a social outlet. This is because after getting their blood pressures checked and having their massage therapy and healing touches, they always sit to have conversations with one another.

Health Common is a dream come true for the majority of these men and women because most of them do not like to go to clinics due to various reasons such as language barriers, lack of trust, and lack of integration of a cultural sensitive care based on beliefs and values.
There are many positive things to say about Health Commons but am going to stop here for now.

- Chi Obasi, DNP Student Augsburg College

Why we need you

Since its opening, the Health Commons has been supported by donations alone. Our goal this year is to expand our donation base to create a more sustainable system for funding our health center in the future. To do this, we need donors like you to help. Your monetary donation helps to purchase basic hygiene supplies such as socks, diapers, baby wipes, razors, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant and toothpaste for people living in poverty. 

Fundraising Projects 2017 - 25 year anniversary!

Purchase accessorizing items for our new space that is being built throughout this year!  We need shelves, chairs, storage units, foot basins and other items as we prepare for our new home.

You Can Also Be a Fundraiser

Passionate about what we do? Help us do even more! Set up an individual fundraising page. Then mobilize your friends, family and co-workers to support us. It’s easy to set goals and track progress.
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