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Augsburg College STEM Programs
Fundraiser for Augsburg University

Augsburg College STEM Programs Rebekah is raising money for Augsburg University.

Help extend the impact of our external grants to the benefit of all STEM students!

STEMScience, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The STEM Programs office supports students pursuing degrees and careers in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Our office is fortunate to receive over $280,000 in funding per year in external funding, of which more than 85% goes directly to students as scholarships, support for undergraduate research, travel funding to professional conferences, and stipends for serving as STEM peer mentors and ambassadors.

We are very grateful for the federal funds that we receive and their impact on students' lives.  However, our dream is to raise funds to support all of our deserving Augsburg STEM students.

Help us dream big for ALL of our Augsburg STEM students!

All contributions will go directly to students. The value of your gift goes above and beyond the dollar value. Your gift communicates care and support for students as they navigate challenging educational and career paths.

Last year STEM Programs...
  • helped STEM students, in collaboration with Augsburg's Strommen Career Center, secure meaningful paid internships.
  • funded travel for students to travel to the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics.
  • supported the STEM peer mentoring program.
  • hosted Jump Start Your STEM Job Search to connect students with employers.
  • recruited an Augsburg cohort of North Star STEM Scholars to support underrepresented students pursuing a degree in a STEM field.
  • assisted community college transfer students as they worked towards their graduation goals at Augsburg.
With your help we can continue to make a difference in the professional lives of Augsburg STEM students!

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