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The Campus Kitchen at Augsburg University
Fundraiser for Augsburg University

The Campus Kitchen at Augsburg University Allyson is raising money for Augsburg University.

Connecting Augsburg with the community through food: offering meals, gardening, farmers markets, and food justice education.

Who We Are

The Campus Kitchen at Augsburg University works to make healthy food accessible to all in and around the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood to provide for basic needs, service learning, leadership development, and genuine engagement between the college and the community. We have four components that all work to make learning happen through connections with food and the community:

Food to Share: Over 1,000 meals served each month by volunteers and service learners to youth programs, homeless shelters, seniors, and community centers. Most of the meals are created from the surplus food from A’viands Augsburg Dining, and some is prepared from scratch in our Campus Cooking Classes.

Food to Grow: Our community garden provides over 80 spaces for organizations and people from the neighborhood and campus to grow their own food. Produce grown in community plots supplements the meal program.

Food to Buy: Our two farmers markets on campus and at the Brian Coyle Community Center allow local producers to provide for the nutritional needs of the community. Markets run on Tuesdays through the summer.

Food to Know: Educational programming for college students, neighborhood youth, and others to make the connection between food, health, and the environment. Participants develop cooking and gardening skills in addition to exploring food issues.

Find out more and sign up at www.augsburg.edu/campuskitchen or www.facebook.com/augsburgcampuskitchen

Our Current Focus:

Augsburg is in a period of transition. We're now a University, we just built a new building, the Hagfors Center for Science, Business and Religion, and we're about to begin setting up our new community garden! This year Campus Kitchen at Augsburg is focusing our Give to the Max Day fundraiser on the Food To Grow portion of our mission. The plans for the new garden design include slightly less space than we had before and a lot of raised beds. To ease the challenges of this exciting transition, we plan to work with a local company called a Backyard Farm to share gardening wisdom. They'll help us to utilize our new space, cultivate new skills in gardening, and better support gardeners in adding fresh produce to our diets.

Learn more about our garden transition: http://www.augsburg.edu/green/2017/11/13/big-changes-at-the-augsburg-community-garden/

Fundraising Projects 2017-2018

-  Provide plant starts during planting and throughout the season

-  Garden instruction throughout the season, starting early in order to introduce a Backyard Farm's intensive gardening method to the community and gather interest

-  Mentorship program to train the future garden leaders in extended growing techniques

-  Ongoing consultation from a Backyard Farm with the Augsburg garden community

- Addition of vertical gardening structure to existing beds and instructions on the benefits of vertical gardening in smaller plots

Learn more about A Backyard Farm: http://www.abackyardfarm.com/

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