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Kristina raising money for Springboard for the Arts

Help Anda Flamenco share vibrant theatrical and charitable flamenco performances with the community by helping us reach our financial goals!

Last year Anda Flamenco raised $1,700 and with your support, we hope to raise even more this year!

   Under the guidance of Artistic Director Kristina de Sacramento, Anda Flamenco’s mission is to expand the passion for, the understanding of, and the participation in the art of flamenco dance, song and music. Anda's goal is to maintain the richness and integrity of traditional flamenco as it continues to evolve and change with the demands and realities of the 21st century. Committed to sharing the exuberance of this music, song and dance from Andalucía with diverse Minnesota audiences, members of Anda's three companies perform and teach regularly in cabarets, on street corners,  and in hospital rooms and senior residences, as well as performing in formal theatrical flamenco comedies.

    2016 has been a difficult year for Anda to date, with three knee injuries (one leading to surgery), two cases of breast cancer, and two spouses with serious and time-consuming health problems. Due to all this, work on their upcoming comedy, "Age Progressed: West Side Story" has slowed, and the summer season of "zapping" was less than inspiring than usual. But the summer nonetheless offered great formal performance opportunities for the professional company: The Greenway Glow in June; Christopher Watson’s "Dances at the Lakes" at the Rose Garden in July (appearing once again as the "silly opener," this time in 1920's bathing suits and caps, brandishing fringed, polka dot bath towels...); and two surprisingly delightful performances for folks in rocking chairs at the Front Porch Stage at the State Fair in August.  And through all the injuries, surgeries, and radiation, Anda not only continued their monthly cabaret performances, but also completed and premiered three new choreographies for the company. There was no rest for the wearyat Anda  this year...


Here's what we are about at Anda Flamenco Company and School - 

Traditional Flamenco Training - Anda Flamenco School offers training in traditional, authentic flamenco to students ranging in age from pre-school through late adulthood, providing them the opportunity to experience the joy of movement, the discipline of choreographies, the challenge of poly-rhythms, and pleasure of immersing themselves in the flamenco culture through a high-quality art experience. 

Performance – While “Anda Flamenco,” our professional company, shares the passionate and beautiful tradition of flamenco at nightclubs, theaters, and festivals, our second company, Las Zapatistas, develops new flamenco fans on streets corners and in parking lots with their “hit-and-run” snippets of flamenco. Our newly developed company, Las Zapaniñas, offers performance experience to a group of dedicated preteens who have been studying with us since they were six.

Community Outreach - Kristina de Sacramento is seriously committed to community outreach for herself and the company. Kristina, assisted by students and company members, works with Breanna’s Gift to bring the fun of learning flamenco dance and rhythms to the kids at Ronald McDonald house, and at the Minneapolis and St. Paul Children’s Hospitals. Kristina is currently working with Capistrant, the Parkinson’s arm of Bethesda, teaching Mark Morris’s program, Dance for PD. Kristina received a scholarship from Artsage for a year-long study of how to further develop her teaching skills to incorporate a wider range of aging communities, and has put this knowledge to use in many senior residences throughout the metro area.

Regional, National and International Outreach - Poquito y Bueño," Kristina’s half-hour weekly worldwide flamenco webcast, premiered in April 2009 on KFAI, Fresh Air Radio, when KFAI began web-only programming and chose Poquito y Bueno as one of the two web casts to pioneer this programming decision. Now in her 7th year of production, Kristina creates, hosts, and engineers the only English-language, educational flamenco music show on the internet.


Anda Flamenco Company and Anda Flamenco School are strictly self-supporting, so your contribution is of vital importance to us. Your tax-deductible donation to Anda Flamenco Company and School (through our generous fiscal agent Springboard for the Arts) will allow us to continue sharing the joy and excitement of flamenco on so many different levels with the many and varied micro-communities we serve now and hope to serve in the future.

For more information, details on events, to see photos or videos of our work please visit our website at: or go to our Anda Flamenco Youtube channel:


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