Tamil Chair at Harvard University USA

To set up a Tamil chair at the oldest and most reputed academic institution in the United States.

Tamil language has ancient literature dating back to around 300 B.C. Tamil is one of the classical languages of the world, with Greek, Sanskrit, Latin, Hebrew, Persian, and Chinese being the others. The Tamil language has had a continuous and vibrant literary history which continues to this day. Tamil is the 20th most commonly-spoken language (by 80 million people) in the world. Today, Tamil is spoken in many countries of the world.

Tamil literature is a vast field and there are many areas which need to be researched. Tamil needs to be taught at institutions where other classical languages of the world are taught. Also, there are many Tamils from all over the world who attend Harvard University. They had expressed an interest to learn Tamil and so it is taught there at a basic level.

It is a matter of prestige for the Tamil community to set up a Tamil chair at the oldest and most reputed academic institution in the United States. It will also help produce Tamil scholars who will be trained in modern research methodologies.

For other classical languages, there is research and progressive work done at various international academic centers. It is quite urgent and highly imperative that the same attention be given to the Tamil language. It will enhance the chances for its continual use and growth, and also gain global recognition.

Tamil stands out as the only language to meet each of the 11 defined criteria for a classical language! Sadly, it also stands out as the only language that does not have a professorship – a chair at Harvard.




•Common Characters


•Parental Kinship

•Culture Art


•Literary Prowess

•Nobel ideas and ideals


•Linguistics Principles

 Harvard is supporting an initiative spearheaded by Tamils across the globe to establish a Tamil Chair – it will transform the study of Tamil at Harvard by supporting teaching, scholarship and research in Tamil.

 We have a goal to raise $6 million and have achieved approximately $4.2 million (including recent 10 Crores grant from Tamilnadu Government). Once the goal is achieved, it will ensure that the chair lasts perpetually. We have about 200 days left to get there and need your help.

 For Minnesota Tamils, it is an opportunity to donate generously and during GiveMN 2017 we have matching gift worth $12,000.

Your donations will get doubled up to $12,000, Thanks to the MN Tamil Sangam patrons.

 Donate Today to be part of history for this one time gift to setup Tamil Chair in one of the premier US Universities.

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