IGF Youth Support the Positive Growth of Youth of Color

Our Mission

Empowering youth of color, especially those from foster care, in their transition to adulthood.


What We Do

We create a safe space in the community for youth of color to share and reflect on their life struggles and successes. We provide opportunities for leadership, life-skill development and performance. Through the use of theater arts, spoken word and singing, we foster youth voice.  IGF specializes in developing innovative models for youth voice inclusion. We believe in the motto: "Its not for us if planned without us."

 How We Work - Youth Co-Leaders

Voice Facilitators 

IGF offers Fostering Voice a theatrical introduction to the issues youth have and continue to face on their path to adulthood.  The artists are 16-27 years old.  Fostering Voice includes an original performance and workshop lead by the youth artists that includes the audience and creates a safe space for conversation, questions, and action steps.

Well-Being Guides 

IGF members have developed 6 workshops to assist youth and those who work with youth in understanding and practicing skills to interrupt negative patterns of dealing with crises and trauma. This set of workshops will add tools to assist youth of color in making more balanced decisions when stressed.

How We Grow - Community Building

Monthly we gather as a group to support the needs of our young people.  We share a home cooked meal, engage in a check-in where everyone gets to speak and assist each other with current needs.  Our community is stronger and better because we are growing with each other!


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