Support children experiencing homelessness!
Fundraiser for Great River Family Promise

Support children experiencing homelessness! Amber is raising money for Great River Family Promise.

Every child deserves a home, somewhere they feel safe, secure and loved. No child should have to go through their school day stressed that others can tell they got ready in a Walmart bathroom that morning. No child should ever fall asleep at night scared the cops are going to catch them sleeping at a park. No child should have to live with the fear that someone is going to come take them away from their parents because they are sleeping in their car.

Children experiencing homelessness live in constant stress and are far more likely to get sick, suffer mental health issues and fall behind in school. Great River Family Promise provides consistency to these children. We provide a routine that can be trusted day-to-day, food and shelter, access to resources through the schools and counties, and a sense of family and community from all our host churches and day center. When a family enters our program, the children are able to be kids again. They smile, laugh, play and create connections with people in our community. The children no longer have to hide in shame or be invisible.

The positive impact that entering our program has on children, that is the reason I volunteer with Great River Family Promise.

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