Lincoln County Turtle Tunnel Project

Help Save Minnesota's Turtles - A Project to Reduce Road Mortality

What you can do!
Donate today to help support this important project to help facilitate safe passage of the state threatened Blanding's Turtle and other species of wildlife.

We realize that not everyone may be able to provide monetary support. You can help guide future 'turtle tunnel' projects by contributing your observations of living and deceased turtles on roadways by visiting:

How to Contribute:

1: Here at GiveMN (upper right of this page)
2: PayPal - Donate to the MHS Turtle Conservation Fund
3: By Check, mail to:

Minnesota Herpetological Society
c/o Bell Museum of Natural History
10 Church St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Please include "turtle conservation" in check memo.

Conservation Need:
Road mortality is a significant conservation threat to Minnesota's turtle populations. Every year thousands of turtles are killed on Minnesota's roadways. To learn more, visit:

The Project Area has been identified by MNDNR biologists as a "Priority Blanding's Turtle Area", and radio tracked Blanding's Turtles are known to cross the road within the proposed project area. To learn more about Blanding's Turtles, visit:

Why support this project?
Using wildlife underpasses to allow the safe migration of species under busy roadways is just starting to catch on in Minnesota. By supporting this (and future) 'turtle tunnel' projects, you show city, county, state, and federal roads departments that Minnesotans want wildlife-friendly crossing structures incorporated into roads projects.

Project Goals:

  1. Install over-sized cement box culvert to allow for safe passage of wildlife under County Road 9 in Lincoln County, Minnesota. Approximate cost $13,500 (Funded - Thank you Lincoln County!).
  2. Install a total of 400 linear feet of chain-link fence (200' on each side of roadway) to funnel turtles and other wildlife to the over-sized box culvert. Approximate cost: $12,500.
  3. Raise money for up to four motion-activated cameras to evaluate project effectiveness and provide updates on project success. Approximate cost: $1,500.
* If a lesser donation amount is received, these funds may still be used to incorporate turtle-friendly mitigation measures.

** If a greater amount is received, these additional funds will go into a turtle conservation fund to be used elsewhere in Minnesota.

All contributions are collected by the Minnesota Herpetological Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and will be distributed to Lincoln County. Donations are tax deductible.

Questions? Contact:  [email protected]

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