Twin Cities Community Voice Mail (TCCVM) Picnic and Walk
Project for Open Access Connections

A 1.5 mile walk & picnic supporting & promoting the work of TCCVM -- Honor family, friends, colleagues who are walkers & picnic participants

When and Where?  

  • Sunday, September 12, 2010 from 11:30 until approximately 2:30
  • at Minnehaha Park (Minneapolis), Wabun Picnic Shelter B. 

We plan to take a leisurely walk (1.5 mile loop-or as far as you want to go) through the beautiful paved trails in Minnehaha Park.  Then, after we've whipped up an appetite, we'll be treated to a free picnic lunch with music and an open space to play lawn games or just relax.  If you don't feel like walking...just come for the food.


About Twin Cities Community Voice Mail: We provide free voice mail service for homeless and low-income people without phones.   This is a vital communications link for people in transition as they look for jobs, housing, health care, shelter from domestic abuse and other services necessary for self-sufficiency...because if an individual can't be contacted by a prospective employer, landlord or other provider, the opportunity may well be lost. 

TCCVM has served over 57,000 clients since 1994, and we partner with 350 social service agencies and government programs.  In addition to voice mail:

  • Our Metro Shelter hotline links homeless callers to shelter information on a 24/7 basis.
  • Homeless voice mail users were able to use a TCCVM "phone bill" for same day voter registration in 2008.
  • Many current and former TCCVM users participate on our board and engage in community programs to support homeless people.


Cell Phone Pilot: Currently, we are taking a bold step forward into the wireless age.  With a grant from the St. Paul Foundation, we are distributing over 30 cell phones to homeless individuals and families, using three partner agencies in St. Paul.  TCCVM pay for the phone service for six months.  The advantage to the client is obvious: instead of searching for a public phone to access voice mail, the cell phone user can respond immediately to contacts by an employer, a landlord, a health care provider, a family member, etc...transitioning into jobs, housing and community services even faster.  Our innovative pilot program has been featured in local online media (MinnPost, The Line) and, on a national level, in the Huffington Post:  Check it out!

Now More than ever, we need your support!!   Homelessness in Minnesota is at a 20-year  high, and joblessness continues to leave Minnesotans without options.  We'd like to provide a cell phone to every homeless Minnesotan - to provide that link to the mainstream - but communication technology is costly.  Please help us by making a tax-deductible contribution to TCCVM, and join us on September 12th.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to  sponsor a walker,  PLEASE GO TO THE MAIN TCCVM PAGE ON GIVEMN.ORG AND DONATE THERE. Please give the name of the walker where it asks for designation. Sorry for this inconvenience.



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