TORCH - Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes
Project for Northfield Healthy Community Initiative

TORCH works to increase the high school graduation and college attendance rates of Northfield's minority and low-income youth.

Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes (TORCH) is a Northfield initiative that helps low-income, minority and first-generation students develop college-ready skills and behaviors while still in middle and high school. By providing support such as academic tutoring, mentorship, college counseling and access to college-level courses while still in high school – TORCH helps local students to hold onto their hopes and realize their dreams.

TORCH programs are available to all income-challenged students in the Northfield School district (roughly 25% of the enrolled student body). The TORCH program has helped raise the high school graduation rate among Latino students alone from 36% in 2005 to over 90% today.

TORCH success stories abound!

  • A first-generation Latina who once feared that college was beyond her reach, is now pursuing her master’s degree.
  • A young man with a record of high school truancy got on track, got his diploma and is now enrolled in a social work program and working at an internship in a truancy prevention program as part of that degree.
  • Another young man, who was the first in his wide extended family to complete high school, recently finished his degree in engineering and is now working full-time at a major biomedical engineering firm.

TORCH has a proven record of helping students to realize their full potential.  Today, the program works with over 500 Northfield youth in grades 6-12, plus over 100 graduates.


Please support TORCH in lighting the way for low-income youth in the Northfield community.

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