Path to Home 350

350 Donors Needed to Offset Federal Funding Loss

At New Pathways, we are truly grateful for the generous and ongoing support we have received from the communities we serve.  And, we are deeply touched that the communities value the work we do.  For over 15 years, this has allowed us to help local families in crisis get back on the path to stability. 

Unfortunately, New Pathways is now facing a crisis of its own.  We will be losing a significant portion of our government funding, effective June 2018.  Therefore, we must look to the communities we serve to step up and insure that we can continue to serve them for many years to come.

We need 350 donations of $50 per month to offset our lost funding.  Will you consider supporting us with a recurring donation of $50 per month?

New Pathways wants to see families thrive, as opposed to just survive, which includes both having meals and a safe, warm place to sleep, and also obtaining the skills and resources necessary to find and maintain housing longer term.  Family members who are not employed spend their days with our staff at one of our day centers (Brainerd or Cambridge) working on overcoming whatever obstacles have prevented them from finding a home so far.  Their evenings are spent with our church volunteers where they have dinner together, participate in family activities, and spend the night.

Regardless of how you choose to help, New Pathways is grateful for your contribution – no matter how large or small.  Your support will enable us to continue to help local families find their way home.

UPDATE:  Thanks to some fast responding supporters - we now only need 338 donors at $50/month!  

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