Giving a voice to those who have lost strength, will, or ability to speak out through empowerment, advocacy, and education.

Thank you for taking the time to come check out our Give to the Max page!! I know that time is a commodity, so we won't ask to take up too much of yours....just think for a moment and try to imagine a world without violence. It can be difficult to do because all of us, as individuals and as a society, have been affected by violence of all types. Many of us have had family members, friends, and other loved ones that have experienced some type of power-based violence. Perhaps even you have been a victim/survivor of harassment, bullying, sexual assault, or domestic abuse.

Sadly, statistics show that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience some type of sexual assault. These statistics are staggering, but what is even more heartbreaking is the reality that if we, you and I, do not take a stand to make a change, our children and grandchildren will no doubt face a world in which violence is the accepted and supported norm.

Because I believe that we can make a positive change, those of us at Unspoken Voices have committed to fundraising $1000.00 for this organization that works tirelessly to provide prevention, advocacy, and educational services. $1000.00 will help ensure that we can provide power based violence prevention programming and bystander intervention to schools and communities.  This program has the ability to positively impact thousands of lives….and you can be an integral part of it! 

Please join me in taking a stand against violence by supporting the mission of Unspoken Voices on Give to the Max Day. Between now and November 17th, I know that you and I have the power to raise these funds! For more information about Unspoken Voices, our mission and our programming, please see below or check us out online!

About Us: History and Mission

Unspoken Voices was chartered and incorporated through the state of Minnesota in June of this year and uses a culturally inclusive bystander training program to provide the education needed for a greater understanding of what personal, power-based violence is and the various precursors that often preclude an act of violence. This model is a bystander intervention program aimed at educational institutions and communities.

Our program mitigates the incidences of violence and sexual assault through effective peer and cultural influence. Unspoken Voices provides tools for individuals that encourage and empower them to feel comfortable and competent in becoming active rather than passive bystanders. The intervention tools used in this program are research-based and relevant to how individuals can engage and intervene in aggressive peer scenarios.

We try to look at issues from both sides. Our program encourages individuals to create the positive societal and cultural changes that we need. At no point do we point fingers or treat anyone as an offender or victim. We encourage everyone to help us achieve a common goal.

Although the main program focus of Unspoken Voices centers on violence prevention, awareness, and education, we feel that many subjects intersect with our program focus. These include mental health, diversity and cultural understanding, and childhood education.

What we Do:

New Programming

Unspoken Voices is creating a Culturally Sensitive, Research Based Bystander Intervention & Consent Training Program. This program will be informed by the cultural needs and sensitivities of the [email protected] population and the LGBTQ community.

This project will be conducted with multiple groups including, but not limited to: providers of services for survivors of sexual assault and violence, the [email protected] population of Morris MN and the surrounding rural area, as well as law enforcement. We will utilize existing connections to these communities to conduct authentic engagement and solicit honest feedback about bystander-intervention programs using a combination of public forums, one-on-one interviews, online and paper surveys, as well as consultation with several “champions” from these communities who will be defined through the course of the project.

Social Justice Arts Troupe

The Unspoken Voices Social Justice Arts Troupe is made up of artists and activists with the common goal of utilizing the emotionally persuasive power of art to spread information and create change. The troupe formed as part of the greater Unspoken Voices organization, and is working on multiple projects within the organization’s mission.

Presently, the troupe has created two Public Service Announcements, scheduled to be released in October and April of next year. Additionally, the troupe is scheduled to perform at several area schools and uni

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