We are an educational development organization that has been successfully serving the public high schools market in the U.S. since 2000.

We have helped create and sustain a network of small, innovative high schools modeled after our flagship school, The Minnesota New Country School (MNCS), established in 1994.  MNCS was named by the U.S. Department of Eudcation as one of the nation's top eight charter schools in 2006 for its efforts inclosing the achievement gap.  They were named one of "America's ten most amazing schools" by Ladies Home Journal in 2010.

The founders of EdVisions are truly the first educators to implement a structured self-directed project learning model, using advisory-based and experiential learning, along with a high-tech personal work space for each student.  The traditional course-based, bell-driven system is replaced by a series of individual and group projects designed to meet or exceed state standards.  The teachers lead an advisory and are responsible for the student outcomes of 15-20 students, oftern serving the same students for multiple years.  The students have a personal learning plan, connected to Project Foundry (project management system), with a ver tight standards tracking system (portfolio), accessible by parents.  Thie model, now in place for twenty years (at MNCS), has been admirable restults and is becoming more popular as one of the many choices available to chartered and district schools.



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