Dunrovin Christian Brothers Retreat Center

Put your money where the smiles are!

I smile more when I'm at Dunrovin. (6th grade girl)

Why do young people smile more at Dunrovin? Because here they encounter God.

A student's smile articulate the joy and peace in the heart. Dunrovin's ministry to youth welcomes middle and high school students to retreats and camps that touch their hearts. We operate from the notion that faith should first be caught and then taught. Through intensive leadership training coupled with prayer and fun, young people are energetically challenged in spiritual, physical, and mental ways. We accompany the students to open their spirits in trust; they let walls fall down and begin to perceive God’s purpose for them in the world beyond themselves.

These youth come to Dunrovin when YOU support their fees. They come from underserved populations of the Twin Cities, Chicago, greater Minnesota, and Wisconsin. They grow in Catholic faith, personal strength, community, and service...and they experience God's peace and safety in the shelter of Dunrovin. 

  • On retreat I learned that God will LOVE us no matter what. (Getaway high school student)
  • I get to be free from all the dangers I deal with at home. (San Miguel School Chicago alum)
  • I love THE FOOD at Dunrovin!!!!!!!! (Teenage boy from Chicago)
  • At Dunrovin I learned that freedom is defined in many ways but I should follow the way of God's freedom. (8th grade girl from Chicago)
  • At Dunrovin I realized that I am a game changer, and with great power comes great responsibility. (DLITE participant)
  • Dunrovin has given me more people who can help me on my faith journey. (Getaway high school student)
  • I get to act like a kid and play in the park. Can't do that where I live. (San Miguel School middle school student)
  • The kids who came to Dunrovin last year are now serving in our church; they are so happy! (Minneapolis youth group adult leader)
  • Night prayers give us a chance to thank God for the blessings He gives us every day. (Getaway junior high student)
  • I want to pass along my thanks for the awesome ministry y'all are doing at Dunrovin! (Minneapolis area youth group leader)

Lives are transformed.

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