Support Girls..Support Resiliency...Support Kindness..Support TVbyGIRLS

It takes our breath away--how mean-spirited and isolating--our world has become.  

For 17 years we have worked to help tell caring authentic stories. We have worked to honor girls and women's voice.  We have worked to reinforce cross cultural collaborations, creative problem-solving, resilient spirits and ripple change. We have worked to connect people to new ideas.

Please help us continue to make a better world. Now more than ever, the one on one connects of story and collaboration are needed.  That is what TVbyGIRLS does.

We are doing exciting work:

*developing a compassion building, resiliency development and collaboration curriculum for families, youth workers, after-school programs, classroom and faith community use, based  the films and ideas of TVbyGIRLS.  
Compassion can be taught and practiced.  Kindness can become our new normal and that could make all the difference for all of us.


17 years of successful filmmaking, social change and teen girl mentoring.  17 years of compelling ways to look at the challenges faced by youth. over 1000 girls' and women's ideas, over 100 films and amazing girls growing into the world of leadership.

  TVbyGIRLS takes the next step to Connect and Share

In 2001, a group of women working in the media, education and youth development came together to create a way that girls could be empowered to develop leadership and use the tools of media to create the world we all want to live in--one that gives voice to lots of different ideas and unheard stories.

TVbyGIRLS was born. 

 The results?  Workshops, Mentoring, films seen around the world, kick-ass girls and women partnering to shake up the status quo.

AND NOW? Our amazing organization is growing up as our girls become young women and young leaders who want to share their experience with others. 

So what are we going to do?


Create an online portal  to share curriculum, films, and stories for youth, educators, youth workers, leaders, parents, everyone who comes to join us.

TVbyGIRLS wants to travel the world....virtually...

*we are creating thematic curriculum and resources of films made by youth to open conversations about issues of importance to young people to make available through our new online portal. 

*we are expanding our network of partners to bring work IN and OUT in a new powerful way. 

TVbyGIRLS is opening doors, making boats, building a rocket!  to Shape our Stories, Make Connections, Grow the Change. 

The fun is about to begin and we think you are an integral part of it! Please Join us.


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