Northfield Healthy Community Initiative

Help support HCI's efforts to create a community where ALL youth thrive!

Since 1992, the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) has been setting the stage for the work of successful programs like TORCH, Take It to The Box, PRIMEtime, the Mayor’s Youth Council and many, many more. HCI provides backbone support for two collective-impact initiatives in the community: Northfield Promise and the Greenvale Park Community School involve the entire community supporting EVERY child from cradle to career.

Bringing money into the community via state and federal grants, providing administrative support to organizations that work to develop youth assets, convening like-minded organizations and individuals to tackle big issues; these are just a few of the reasons HCI has been recognized statewide and nationally for our collaborative approach to local issues.

Help support us as we work to support others!  Your tax-deductible donation can make a difference and leave a legacy that will make the health and well-being of our children our first priority both today and tomorrow.

Here are a few of HCI’s success stories:

  • The Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes (TORCH) initiative has significantly expanded to serve more than 550 Northfield youth in grades 6-12 who are low income, students of color, or potential first-generation college attendees. During the past 13 years, over 97% of TORCH students have graduated high school! 
  • Our cradle to career initiative, Northfield Promise, has brought together over 100 community members around 10 benchmarks that are important for all children's success.  With six Action Teams launched, an engaged Council of Champions with leaders representing diverse viewpoints and perspectives, and hard data informing our work, we are committed to ensuring success for every child in our community.
  • Northfield's PRIMEtime out-of-school-time network was recognized by the National League of Cities as one of 15 model citywide out-of-school-time systems in the nation. PRIMEtime provides free after-school and summer programs to more than 1,300 Northfield youth each year. Evaluations show that young people in these programs are doing better in school and feel more connected to our community. 
  • Now over 21,000 pounds of medication have been collected locally through the Take It to The Box program, which started in Rice County and has been replicated in dozens of communities across the state.

As a backbone organization supporting other youth-serving programs in the community, HCI is uniquely positioned to help build bridges between groups and to pull partners together to look strategically at community issues and solutions.  Consequently, HCI has been repeatedly trumpeted as a champion for youth organizations in the community, able to provide the extensive support and connections that these groups need to further their work, but are unable to do themselves.

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