Face to Face Health & Counseling Service, Inc.

Join us to ensure that all young people have a safe and stable home, health care, and help to overcome the trauma of abuse or neglect.

Face to Face serves youth and young adults ages 11 to 24 who are facing challenges such as lack of a stable home, poverty, teen pregnancy, or abuse. Our community youth clinic on the East Side of Saint Paul provides medical and mental health care regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Medical services include a best practice prenatal program that integrates prenatal care with case management, education and peer support. Our Homeless Youth Programs include street outreach, a transitional living program and SafeZone, a unique drop-in center in downtown St. Paul that provides homeless youth ages 14 to 24 with a wide range of basic needs and support to work toward stable housing, employment and other life goals. The center is open 6 days per week and offers a hot meal everyday, clothes and food shelves, laundry, shower, and lockers for youth to store their things. Case managers provide support and link youth to resources. Medical and mental health services are offered on site. Last year Face to Face served over 3,186 youth. There were 4,363 contacts with youth during health education presentations and outreach. 

This year Face to Face is fundraising for a special project: a New Home for SafeZone. Read all the details and donate here: https://givemn.org/project/new-home-for-safezone5635121d45ba8

There is a $15,000 Challenge Match available for new or increased donations to the New Home for SafeZone project. Help us reach our goal for the relocation and expansion of SafeZone drop-in center!

Testimonials from the youth who use Face to Face services say it all:

They show each person great care as if we are the only one that's here. -Lawrence

Sam has been coming to Face to Face's weekly GLBTQ support group for over a year. He says: It's a good place for support. If you're part of the community and need support I invite you!

Even before I was homeless, when I started my job search, I didn’t have any paperwork—no birth certificate or ID, so staff helped me out with that. If it wasn’t for [staff], I wouldn’t have gotten my first job [Staff] got me all of my paperwork I needed. - SafeZone client

Andrea's story reflects how Face to Face's unique holistic services help young people overcome homelessness and other barriers to a healthy and thriving life.

Andrea first came to the Face to Face Clinic after finding out that she was pregnant. She was homeless and staying in a shelter—along with her mother, brother, and grandparents. Her family had been homeless for a long time. Andrea met with a case manager at her first appointment and they began working on finding housing. Andrea also enrolled in Medical Assistance and WIC.  When the shelter closed during the day, she went to SafeZone most days where could get meals and supplies, use the computer, or rest. She met with a health educator to talk about her health and life goals and got connected with a doula that would provide support and companionship through labor. She continued to meet with her case manager during each prenatal appointment. Together they called Ramsey County Housing and scheduled an appointment for a housing intake. Though the process was not fast, Andrea was optimistic. She continued to stay in shelter until she could receive her Section 8 voucher. Last month Andrea moved into her own apartment. She is starting to prepare her new home for her baby, who is due any day.  She will continue to receive case management postpartum through the Face to Face Connect Program.

Check out this article written by teen journalists covering SafeZone: http://www.threesixtyjournalism.org/safezone

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