Our mission is to guide and to mentor job seekers who desire to be self-supporting by helping them prepare for, find and maintain work.

Anali makes everyone feel better when they are with her. She hands out compliments and gratitude effortlessly. Her smile lights up a room. But to get to where she is today, Anali had to break free of an abusive relationship to build a better life for herself and her young children. Prior to finding Daily Work, she hadn’t worked in nearly 10 years, and before that she worked in a warehouse for a living. Her employment prospects were dim. Anali found Daily Work just as she was running short on hope, and now she is achieving her goals faster than she ever thought possible.

In her own words, here’s Anali’s Daily Work story

Why did you need Daily Work’s help to find a job? 

I was a stay-at-home mom for almost 10 years, in a bad relationship. He wouldn’t let me work. When I got to this country, I was working in a warehouse, where I met this guy (her husband). After so many difficult years, I was just destroyed --emotionally, economically - I was in pieces, I could hardly go on.  

In what ways did Daily Work help you get hired?

A friend told me about Daily Work. She said “You should go to this place, they help people look for jobs.” I didn’t know anything, how to put a resume together, (job) searching, nothing. And I didn’t want to go back to being a packer again.

In my home country, I got a high school education and four years of university. I had worked in a bank, but I didn’t know how to use my experience here. I couldn’t find anything. Daily Work came into my life and that was a big change. They even helped me get a grant so I could take computer classes. But the hardest part was interviewing. I believed I was nothing, I was crying all the time and walking around with my head down -- but in the interviews I had to convince them that I was great, that I was worth hiring. I couldn’t have done that without the help from Daily Work.

How are things now? How has your life changed since Daily Work?

I started working with Daily Work in the spring and I got a job in September as a part-time (bank) teller. They needed my Spanish. When I started, I was earning $11.25 per hour. After two years there, I have moved up from a level 1 to a level 4, and I am earning almost $15 per hour.

I hoped someday I would have my own place. After I got the job (at the bank), I thought it would take me five years. I didn’t think I would be able to save enough money before that. Last spring, I talked to the mortgage department at my bank, and I waited for my tax return to use as a down payment. They accepted me! I closed on the house over the summer. In just two years, I have a house!

What do you want people to know about Daily Work?

With Daily Work, finally somebody believed in me. I have no family here. I am here by myself. I don’t have that support system. I really needed a job, and the staff saw that I could do something better than warehouse work. Daily Work didn’t just help me find a job, they helped me find myself, to remember that I am a strong person and I can get to my dreams.

Because of you, Anali has a job. It gave her the foundation and stability she needed for a new life, a new outlook, and a safe, new home. That is the power of a job…it opens the door to endless opportunities that would not exist without it. That is the power of your gift to Daily Work.

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