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West Side Summit strives to provide individualized learning for all scholars. For many that means hands on learning as often as possible. What better way to learn about animal classification then to go to a Zoo? Taking a science field trip to explore the elements? Gaze upon brush strokes of culturally renowned artists at an art museum? Listen to the rhythm and rhyme of great literary plays at a theater? Help West Side Summit scholars learn hands on by funding a school field trip! 

Your support makes a difference. 

West Side Summit approaches gap-closing, college preparatory education through an innovative "Blended Learning" model.  Rotating students between computer and face-to-face class time provides our teachers with time for one-to-one instruction with students to address essential skills and also gives teachers the data necessary to plan rigorous, content-rich, and inquiry-based lessons that mirror the challenges students will face in college and the global workforce.  Our scholars spend up to 25% of their learning time on innovative and proven computer software that makes learning creative, fun, and most importantly, individualized to their learning needs every single day.

But a great education doesn't end there…

Our mission-driven teachers see their classes as a group of unique and brilliant Scholars, ready to take control of their own learning and race forward toward college and the future. West Side Summit empowers Scholars to take leadership over their own learning and prepare for college and beyond by asking big questions and expecting big answers. But, in order to fully prepare our Scholars for the future, West Side Summit must seek support from the surrounding the community and the family and friends of our students, teachers, staff and Board of Directors. Support from the community will help us to reach our full potential by allowing us to provide valuable educational resources to every one of our students and teachers. 

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The donation amounts listed on our donation form are just examples of some of our costs - your donation will directly support West Side Summit and will be used to provide an excellent education and learning opportunity for our scholars.  Thank you in advance for your gift. We appreciate you!


If you prefer to donate by U.S. mail, please make your check payable to West Side Summit and mail to: West Side Summit, 497 Humboldt Avenue St. Paul, MN 55107

This year we are focusing on getting our scholars hands on learning, sponsor a student to go on a field trip today! Visit our Oh the Places We'll Go page to learn more!

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