Each donor's 2017 Year-End Giving Report is now available. Create or log in to your GiveMN Donor Account to access this printable summary for income tax preparation.

How GiveMN Works

GiveMN makes giving simple, rewarding and fun. Here’s how it works:

  • Find a cause. Unleash your passion! GiveMN makes it simple to discover a new cause or find one you know and love. Just search and browse the instant results. Throughout the year, we also curate ideas to inspire giving and showcase them on GiveMN.org.

  • Give with ease. We support giving from beaches and Barcaloungers. Donations on GiveMN are made with a credit or debit card. No checks to write or stamps to lick. Your information is secure and your satisfaction instant. For each donation made through GiveMN, you will receive a tax receipt via email right away.

  • Simplify your giving. Do all of your giving in one place - on GiveMN.org! Create an account to store and access your tax receipts year-round, manage your recurring donations, give again quickly and get a handy year-end report of your giving. It's free, easy and optional. No more shoe boxes or bags full of receipts.

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