GII Reunion!
Fundraiser for FamilyWise

GII Reunion! Jada is raising money for FamilyWise.

Shared history binds our pasts; shared mission unites our futures!

I recently had the opportunity to visit the agency known to all of us as Genesis II for Families (now known to the community as FamilyWise!).  My family has remained connected to the agency over the years through sponsorship during their annual Adopt-A-Family campaign, but my recent visit provided me with more time to reminisce, tour, and chat about all the things that are DIFFERENT about the agency since we were there.  (Did you know that 10 years ago we had around 30 staff, and now the agency employs more than double (64)?!  And in 2008 we served approximately 1,600 individuals, and last year it reached almost 5,000?!).  Despite all that's changed over the past 10 years, the mission of our beloved agency remains the SAME: strengthening families by promoting safety, stability, and well-being of children, and educating, empowering and enriching families who are struggling with poverty, substance abuse, mental health issues, homelessness and domestic violence.  It was a privilege to share this mission with all of you when we were there!  And our girls Bea, Bernell & Amy are STILL there, faithfully carrying out this great work!  During our upcoming reunion, we'll get a chance to network & reconnect, as well as maximize the opportunity to financially support the agency!  The get-together is free, so we're asking everyone to donate here (any amount - as much as you can!) through this GiveMN page, or bring cash or a check with you on October 24.  I am working with the lovely staff to determine the BEST use of our collective donation, and will keep everyone posted on our progress and the exciting outcome!  Can't wait to reconnect with you and see what we can do together!

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