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Fundraiser for Quality Education Services Of Mn Inc

AARP Experience Corps - Twin Cities Paul is raising money for Quality Education Services Of Mn Inc.

A just society where all children have an equal opportunity to succeed and older adults are valued

As I watch him in the morning meeting, he sits with two fingers in his mouth, looking tired.  For a long time he missed the morning meeting because he had no bus service while homeless.  Now, he is here, but frequently appears to have just gotten out of bed.  His eyes sometimes focus on the lesson and sometimes look off into space.

 When I enter the classroom, it is not unusual for him to be on a “break” chair because of not following directions or having conflict with another student.  He usually runs up to me persistently begging to come work with me, while bouncing up and down.

 Working with him individually, I see another side.  He is my most focused, serious student.  He “needs” to learn to read.  His pride in learning and accomplishment is so evident in his affect and body language as he leaves the session, stopping to tell the office secretaries what he had done that day.  They offer him enormous praise and support (bless them!)

 The numbers?  He got 19 out of 20 words on a recent test. Testing continues…but whatever the final numbers, I have witnessed the beginning of a competent reader.  And, given the stresses in his life, his efforts sometime seem nothing less then noble.

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