9x22 Dance/Lab
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9x22 raising money for Springboard for the Arts

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9x22 Dance/Lab: In it's 10th year!!!! It's our ten year anniversary! this exciting dance showcase features unfettered dance exploration. A discussion moderated by choreographer/curator Laurie Van Wieren follows each piece, giving audience and choreographer alike the opportunity to react and explore the work together. 9x22 Dance Lab was founded in August 2003. Each month, three choreographers show work of varying styles and experience. The venue has become known as a place where seasoned and new choreographers can present their work and discuss it with an informed, interested audience. Since the inception, over 200 choreographers and more than 400 dancers have performed at the Dance/Lab.

9x22 Dance/Lab  has been supporting emerging and seasoned dance makers for 10 years. It was created because dance makers needed a place  to show and discuss work.  We are continuing show 3 diverse choreographers once a month for ten months out of the year at the Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater. Our future plans also include: hiring a dvelopment person and setting up a 9x22 Dance/lab website.

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